The Castle


“Cross over the drawbridge into the grand entrance of the castle”

Where open fires rage and tartan hangs from the walls, sink into a luxurious ambience of a castle great hall. In “The Castle,” romantic jasmine flower is tinged with the timeless, historic scent of perfumed leather to transport you to another world; linger here for a while.

Destination: intense I rich I luxurious

Route: leather, violet leaves, jasmine flower

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All of our luxury candles are made from soy wax.
They are hand poured into a statement Classic White opaque jar which we hope you can keep and reuse even after the candle has finished delivering its bounty.
100% vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly.
All our fragrances are carefully sourced and are paraben free.
Approximately 40 hours burn time.
Height 100mm Diameter 85mm.
This candles weighs approximately 285g

A Wild Flower dust cover has been added to protect your candle.  When your candle is finished please plant the dust cover in soil and water.  We would love to see pictures of what your grow.


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