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“You are my someone” 

A blissful floral musk and sensual, warm amber: we’re invited to sink into a soft cushion of sandalwood and vetiver. Come to a place of true, gentle earthiness and leave behind anything that isn’t real. The fresh whispers of cedar and myrtle here are exotic and enticing. Come with me. 

Destination: exotic | enticing | blissful 

Route: spices, rosewood, myrtle, musk 

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All of our luxury candles are made from soy wax.
This Limited Edition Valentines Candle is hand poured into a Black Glass Vessel, which we hope you will keep and reuse even after the candle has finished delivering its bounty.
100% vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly.
All our fragrances are carefully sourced and are paraben free.

1 review for Bliss

  1. Eilidh Scott

    This is an incredibly gentle smell, soft floral tones that is subtle but you definitely know it is there. As with all feathersandthistles melts this lasts so incredibly long! I usually burn my wax melts in the bathroom daily and one cube can last me weeks still with a strong smell. Amazing value!

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