Candle Holder Staves

These candle holders have been crafted at home using some of the finest oak barrel staves from whisky made and distilled just 3 miles from where my dad lived. As a Lorry driver, he often visited this distillery and many others while transporting Speyside’s nectar to its various locations around the country. They hold sentimental thoughts for me when I see them and I’m delighted to produce these candle holders for you to also enjoy.
Each stave is unique. I have purposely left the length and width of the staves as they have been removed from the barrels, still showing signs of wear and tear and the banding marks where they were held together for years as the whisky fermented. If you are lucky, you may just be able to smell the ‘Angels Share’; deep within the oak wood grain.
The staves have been carefully washed and then sanded to ensure as much of the splinters and rough edges have been removed. Much of the charring from the underside has been removed but the beautiful patterns can still be seen. The top of the wood has then been treated gently with an Linseed Oil to enhance the grain and bring out that special look to hopefully have you thinking about that next ‘wee dram’.
The candle holders are all different. They roughly range from 800mm to 900mm long to a width of between 50mm to 105mm . The colourings may differ and so have a look at the photos and select the code for the individual stave wanted.
If you require and un-sanded version to be even more authentic, please let me know and I can make made to suit. No tea lights are included with the candle holder.
While every care has been taken to remove all rough edges there may still be some roughness as I wanted to have an authentic product for you to enjoy.
Please ensure candles are not left burning unattended
Keep burning candles away from drafts, children and animals.

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