Caledonian Inspiration Collection


Capture all three Scottish Candles Scents in the Caledonian Inspiration Collection, this will be sent to you in a presentation box, each candle weighing approximately 285g.

Highland Bothy

“Seize and enjoy every unique moment”
Nestled in the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands, take shelter in a wee Highland Bothy and light a fire. The dusty notes of the smokey embers warm your body with their glow; and your spirit soars with the refreshing citrus notes of fireside banter as you wait for the weather to break.
Destination: warm | cosy | uplifting
Route: smoke, citrus, black pepper, leather, precious woods

Scots Mist

“Pour a wee dram, here’s a toast to friendship”
A mouth-watering blend of fruity alcoholic notes with a hint of toffee and spicy ginger. You can only be in one place: a Scottish distillery with a “wee dram” of fine whisky in hand. The twist of lemon in this fragrance speaks of the perfect Scots Mist. An intoxicating reminiscence of good times.
Destination: friendly | sparkling | fruity Route: apple, lemon, toffee, spicy ginger

Wild Thistle

“A legendary symbol transports your thoughts to a truly magical place”.
Take a walk through the wild beauty of the Highlands of Scotland. There is magic in the moment after the storm has passed and the sun warms the ground. “Wild Thistle” captures a spark of fresh peppermint, while oakwood and bay oil embody the smokey hue and sounds of the emerging day.
Destination: wild | magical | vibrant Route: Peppermint, oakwood, bay oil

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